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Seminar on Feb 3 ~ Michael Gelfond

Michael Gelfond's web page:

Answer-set programming is a new declarative programming paradigm suitable for solving a large range of problems related to knowledge representation and search.
The paradigm was developed within the logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning community.
During the last few years however it seems to have crossed the boundaries of artificial intelligence and started to attract people in various areas of computer science.
In this talk I will give an introduction to the use of answer set programming for knowledge representation and reasoning.

Students interested in doing some reading before the seminar can look at two survey papers:

Michael Gelfond
Representing Knowledge in A-Prolog, volume 2408 of Computational Logic: Logic Programming and Beyond, Essays in Honour of Robert A. Kowalski, Part II, pages 413-451.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2002.
postscript ~ pdf

Michael Gelfond and Nicola Leone
Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation - An A-Prolog perspective.
Artificial Intelligence, 2002.
postscript ~ pdf

Both papers can also be found on

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