AAAI-05 Workshop on Inference for Textual Question Answering Pittsburgh AAAI-05
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

List of Accepted Papers

Textual Inference by Combining Multiple Logic Programming Paradigms
Chitta Baral--Arizona State University, Gregory Gelfond--Texas Tech University, Michael Gelfond--Texas Tech University, Richard B. Scherl--Monmouth University

Question Generation for Learning by Reading
Leo C. Ureel II, Kenneth D. Forbus, Chris Riesbeck, Larry Birnbaum--Northwestern University

Model-based Answer Selection
Steven K. Sinha, Srini Narayanan--International Computer Science Institute, University of California, Berkeley

Syntactic and Semantic Decomposition Strategies for Question Answering from Multiple Resources
Boris Katz, Gary Borchardt, Sue Felshin--Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Determing the Plausibility of Answers to Questions
Troy Smith, Tom Repede, Steven L. Lytinen--DePaul University

Knowledge Representation via Verbal Description Generalization: Alternative Programming in Sampletalk Language
Andrew Gleibman--Microspec Technologies

A Basic Logic for Textual Davidsonian Inference
D. Bobrow, C. Condoravdi, R. Crouch, R. Kaplan, L. Karttunen, T. King, V. dePaiva, A. Zaenen--Palo Alto Research Center

Using AnsProlog with Link Grammar and WordNet for QA with deep reasoning
Luis Tari, Chitta Baral--Arizona State University

Question Answering Based on Temporal Inference
Sanda Harabagiu, Cosmin Adrian Bejan--The University of Texas at Dallas

Moving QA Towards Reading Comprehension Using Context and Default Reasoning
Christine Clark, Daniel Hodges, Jens Stephan, Dan Moldovan--The University of Texas at Dallas